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TNX – ‘Love or Die’ MV

“Love or Die” is a Korean music video released by the K-pop group TNX (also known as Teenage). The song was released in 2021 and was produced by producer and composer, Sweetune.

The music video for “Love or Die” features the members of TNX, including Hamin, Woojin, Jaemin, and Junghoon, performing the song in various colorful and stylish sets. The video showcases the group’s signature dance moves and harmonies, and the song’s lyrics focus on the theme of love and relationships.

The music video has a vibrant and energetic feel, with its bright colors and fast-paced choreography. The video’s visuals and the song’s catchy tune have been well-received by fans of K-pop, with many praising the group’s talent and unique style.

TNX is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2018 under Marbling E&M. The group is known for their lively and energetic performances, and their music combines elements of pop, rock, and electronic dance music. “Love or Die” is one of their most recent releases, and it has helped to solidify their position as rising stars in the K-pop scene.

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