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Beyond the Neon (2022) English Movie

The film is designed to feel like a reality film, the wooden acting and unnatural dialogue takes you away from this face. The acting is forced and the dialogues are so forced that they start showing such scenes that even having a camera makes no sense. The message of the film is that all the girls in the Las Vegas escort world are oppressed by the pimps who trafficked them there.

Trying to reunite the sisters, and secretly encouraging the reunion to be captured on camera, Joe Salad and his fearsome crew find themselves in Los Angeles on a mission to save a woman from human sex trafficking. China found in the effort. Immersed in the dangerous and corrupt world of escape. , documenting each step.

Without skipping a beat, the opening scene (as seen in the film’s marketing campaign and social media) along with the initial escort interview were written and designed to be the first injection of information. The dark-faced actress provides our first emotional pulse.

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